Co-Creation Lab

Urban Co-Creation Lab

Funder: Formas
Time: 2019-2022

The project proposes to create the first two nodes of a unique visualization network for remote collaboration in the urban design process. It will harness the potential of the Gothenburg open 3D-data initiative and allow the users to collaborate in true multi-user Virtual Reality (VR) setting, integrating Mobile Augmented Reality (MAR) system for projection of virtual environment on-site and on physical scale models.

Having the property developers’ perspective as the main focus, the remote stakeholder collaboration using innovative visualization is expected to increase efficiency and quality of stakeholder dialogue and input during the design process. In addition, the project will enable inclusion of diverse stakeholders in the urban development process by creating compatibility between multiple platforms for input and output of data: large scale touch screens, desktop computers, mobile phones, VR headsets, AR devices and physical 3D models. The project uses Akademiska Hus’ campus developments in Haga, Linné, Rosenlund, Vasa and Gibraltarvallen in Gothenburg as test beds, identifying the operational work processes and the key phases for implementation.

The output of the project will be:
1. A technological system for remote design collaboration and dialogue;
2. Operational work package for implementation of the system during the planning process in different phases;
3. Two initial nodes of network of remote collaboration and visualisation.