Work Packages

WP1: Develop and apply a tool for residents to describe, propose and prioritize urban interventions

The tool should allow residents to describe qualities and problems in their area, suggest places in need of improvement through densification, propose what type of new buildings and/or public functions that the area needs, and finally prioritize between these places based on which ones are the most important to improve from the residents’ perspective. 

WP2: Develop and apply a method for the shaping of design criteria for public space 
A method will be developed for resident-driven shaping of design criteria for the places that residents consider to be most important to transform from a local perspective. Design criteria should solve the problems and strengthen the functions and qualities identified by residents in WP1. They should also consider the municipal goals defined in the city’s policy documents, hence contributing to the transition to socially and environmentally sustainable cities and neighbourhoods. 

WP3: Find a strategy to communicate the proposals with decisions owners

The developed crowdsourcing tool (WP1) and design criteria method (WP2) should both support residents to access the municipality and other key actors and make themselves understood, but should also support meaningful feedback and dialogue with these actors, for example with city planners.