Egnahem för alla

Housing for everyone – own home through your own work in an innovative housing area

Egnahemsfabriken and Orust municipality in collaboration with Ekobanken and Mikrofonden created an opportunity and financing model that provides a third way to solve housing for more people. The target group was everyone who wanted to create their own home through their own work, with a special focus on groups that have difficulties in the housing or labor market.

Project leader: Tinna Harling, Egnahemsfabriken.
Funder: Vinnova.
Budget: 2 million SEK (185,000€).
Time period: Nov 2021–Oct 2023.
Participants: Tinna Harling, Erik Berg, Anna Berglund, Egnahemsfabriken Tjörn; Jenny Stenberg GRI-GU; Klara Sjögren Holtz, Rickard Karlsson, Orust municipality; Joakim Widén, Kristoffer Lüthi, Ekobanken; Ylva Lundkvist Fridh, Mikrofonden; Jan Svensson, Coompanion; John Helmfridsson, Association for collaborative building; John Areblad, Kanvassfilm.
Case study area: Husebybergen, Ellös, Orust.