Codesign community house

Codesign workshop June 16, 2022

Those who are interested in building their own home on Husebybergen are welcome to a workshop 16 June. At the workshop they will get to know the codesign method and learn the basics. We do this by jointly designing the community house that will be located at the entrance of the land on Husebybergen. It will be a full day 9:00–17: 00 where we step by step shape the house and build it in model. Residents, architects and carpenters together.

When the prerequisites for the design are presented, e.g. economy, construction method and important dimensions, the group goes through three steps in the design process together: 

1. qualities and problems/challenges on the site; 

2. functions to be accommodated in and around the house;

3. what should the house look like, what should it ”say”, aesthetic expression, building model.

At the end of the day, we have a model of how the functions shaped the house, how the house is located on the plot, how the house shapes the surroundings – and vice versa. The model is documentation in itself and we also record the conversation, which is important because there the house builders talk about the type of architecture they like, we will note thisfor the continued design process.

After the workshop, carpenters and architects need to refine the design, including all the details that need to be reviewed. When the drawings are ready, they agree with the house builders: if everything has come along, if there is something that does not agree with the house builders’ thoughts, and if they have come up with something afterwards that they want to add.


Then the community house will be built during the autumn of 2022. It will take place in a cobuilding education at Egnahemsfabriken, where Husebybergen residents can participate. The house will be moved to its place at Orust when it is ready. The community house will be built with the same construction method that the residential houses will later have, so that people learn the basics before building their own houses.