Housing Innovation

Housing innovation from the bottom up: Creating co-housing and co-living for economically vulnerable groups

There is a severe lack of affordable housing in Sweden impacting on living conditions for groups with weaker economy. With this initiative, we will learn from and further develop these projects and their collective knowledge, in order to concretely create affordable co-building and co-housing. 

Funder: Vinnova.
Budget: 3,8 million SEK.
Time period: Nov 2021–Oct 2025.

Case study area: To begin implementation of programs for co-building housing for economically weak groups in one or more Swedish municipalities. 


Jaan-Henrik Kain, Project leader, Jenny Stenberg, Gothenburg Research Institute, University of Gothenburg

Sara Eby Palm, Bitti Alvin Lehmann, Söderhamn municipality

Maria Nordström, Stenbacken housing and work cooperative 

Jesper Bryngelsson, Kenneth Berglund, Union of Tenants

Tinna Harling, Anna Berglund, Egnahemsfabriken Tjörn

John Areblad, Kanvassfilm