Facilitating a new rurality

Facilitating a new rurality beyond GDP through a Community Operating System (COS) 

The project aims to empower Swedish rural communities towards an alternative development model beyond GDP through social, technical and ecological transformation processes in favour of collaborative economy (CE) and local self-sufficiency (LSS).

Project leader: Marco Adelfio, Chalmers ACE.
Funder: Formas.
Budget: 8 million SEK.
Time period: Dec 2021–Nov 2025.
Participants: Marco Adelfio & PhD student, Chalmers ACE; Jaan-Henrik Kain, Jenny Stenberg, GRI-GU; Ulises Navarro Aguiar, HDK; Tinna Harling, Egnahemsfabriken Tjörn; Caroline Bergmann, Uddebo.
Case study area: Tjörn and Uddebo.
Contact: adelfio@chalmers.se