The kiosk will be built here at the end of the orangery


Today we took the first step with the youths in codesigning a kiosk that will then be built at Egnahemsfabriken. We started by choosing a location by evaluating three alternatives that the youths and employees at Egnahemsfabriken suggested. When the analysis was complete, the participants were asked to vote. The four youths got two votes each, because by nature they have less power at Egnahemsfabriken, and the six adults involved in the project one vote each. The winning alternative was, with a large majority, the space at the end of the orangery. 

The next step was to develop which functions the kiosk should contain. The youths started to write down one function per post-it and the adults added, in an ambition to keep the balance of power in favor of the youths. The functions were then put in order of priority of the youths. 

Now the youths’ energy for the day was used up and we finalised the day with sausage grilling. The next step will be to after the summer building a model of the kiosk and at the same time create its appearance. Then it will be built on a full scale.


Today it was finally time to start building the kiosk. Three beautiful old windows found in the barn will be reused in the construction.