Unga omställningsakademin

At Tjörn, there are young people who, for various reasons, do not go to school or work. In collaboration with the municipality of Tjörn, Egnahemsfabriken is developing a ”Youth transition academy” (Fabriken) to form activities for this youth group to give them the opportunity to find meaning, community and faith in the future.

Project leader: Anna Berglund.
Funder: Allmänna arvsfonden.
Budget: 4,9 milllion SEK.
Time period: Nov 2022–Okt 2025. 
Participants: Martin Wallin, Tjörn municipality; Tinna Harling, John Fjällbrant, Ali Safari, Annika Westlund, Boel Sjögren, Ben Bushill, Egnahemsfabriken Tjörn; Jenny Stenberg, Apricus.
Case study area: Tjörn.
Web: tjorn.egnahemsfabriken.se/projekt/unga-omstallningsakademin


The contribution from Apricus in the Youth transition academy is codesign as a way to empower the youths by tangibly giving them influence in the design process and including them in the cobuilding process afterwards. The idea is to gradually increase the degree of difficulty, complexity and size of what is being designed and built. We start by designing and building a small kiosk, continue with a sheep house, then a house for horses and in the last year a house for youths.

Short films about some of the youths