Codesign homes

Five of the ten builders/families chose to be part of the codesign process that Egnahemsfabriken developed successively through previous research projects. The process involved seven design workshops spread over 3 months, staring in October 2022 and ending in January 2023. Between the seven occasions there were tasks to complete. 

The process was led by Jenny Stenberg (researcher) and Tinna Harling (architect and project manager). Each builder carried out the design process together with their own architect. These were volunteer architects who had fairly recently graduated and who attended to learn the codesign method. Two of them were appointed responsible architects for all five houses, and they were paid for their work from the research project. 

One of the tasks that was given between the workshops was to fill in the calculation tool that the project had developed. This was done with support from the work package dealing with financing. Another task was to learn about the simple wooden building construction that Egnahemsfabriken predicted. This was done by the carpenter in charge of the project showing a house built in this way, as well as going through drawings and pictures of the construction method. The builders could choose other construction methods if they wanted. One of them chose to build a mud house. A third task was for the builders to look for used building materials, to get an idea of what was available and at what prices, and to buy things that they absolutely did not want to miss, even though the design was not yet complete.

Each builder/family paid 3125 SEK (285€) for the codesign process. In addition, they paid xxxx SEK (xxx€) for the preparation of building permit documents, which the two responsible architects made after the completion of the design process. 

Builders: Evelina och Nicholas, Annika S, Eva och Erika, Annika W, Joel och Simone.

Volonteer architects: Gitte Gustafsson, Sofia Fredriksson, Emma Lundquist.

Responsible architects: Miriam Andersson, Victor Nyman.